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Andrew & Caitlin Eaton

Caitlin had a rough start in her wedding planning process. Sometimes in wedding planning, just like in everything else, life throws us some curveballs. But thinking back on Caitlin and Andrew’s wedding day; I can’t help but think that those hiccups were for the best because without those, she would of not had some of the vendors she did have and I truly think her day was nothing but perfect. It just goes to show, that everything happens for a reason Thats a good reminder to us all. When Caitlin first called me, she told me everything that happened and I knew from the start that I was going to love this couple because she was still so positive. All she kept saying was “this happened… but its ok because everything is going to be perfect.” And perfect is exactly what is was.

Caitlin & Andrew decided to tie the knot at a local wedding venue called 3M Ranch and Events. What a beautiful place that is! From the first time I saw it, I was amazed at how stunning it was and I could already see Caitlin having her dream come true there.

Caitlin is a very simple girl, very down to earth and loves to just have a good time. All of those wonderful traits of hers definitely reflected in her wedding planning. From some simple babies breath and wood slabs to the beautiful cake her dad made her, everything just came together so well. Caitlin & Andrew were all about their guests and having a good time. When I first met with them and asked them what the most important part of their wedding day was to them, they both said having family there. I mean.. does it get much better then that? Most people say decorations, pictures and everything else. But to them, it was simply just having their family there that made them happy.

One of my favorite moments of Caitlin’s wedding day was when her dad told me about her love for Chick-fil-a. Since she was a little girl, she has always told her parents that she wanted Chick-fil-a to cater her wedding. Again, it was one of those moments that I knew she was my soul sister… not because of Chick-fil-a but because I have always told my parents I wanted Taco Bell to cater my wedding {don’t judge, I love me some taco bell}. Of course when you start thinking logically, you realize “ok maybe thats not the best idea” so she decided to go with a different caterer. BUT her dad never forgot about that, so he had Chick-fil-a prepare a small catering to-go portion of her favorite chick nuggets a

nd that was waiting on her sweetheart table when she sat down. And it only gets better… not only did she have the chicken nuggets but they also gave her endless amounts of her favorite sauces! My mouth is watering just talking about it!! How special is the story, I LOVE the heartfelt stories and the details that make you just a little different from any other bride.

I wish Caitlin & Andrew many years of happiness and love! And we are so honored to be part of their big day!

Videographer: One Wing Films

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