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Justesen- Pratt Wedding 8.12.17

Lets just start by saying how beautiful 1010 West is!! This was one of the first weddings to take place in that beautiful building but man o man, we sure can't wait to be back!

This wedding was very close to our hearts! Alora Justesen and myself have grew up together. From such a young age, we have traveled the world with our families and celebrated birthdays all together. Alora is 1 of 3 children from Andy & Marlo Justesen and she is the first of the children to get married, so of course we had to go all out!

Thomas Gant Pratt is 1 of 12 children!!!! This is by far the biggest family that Emily Fiorelli Wedding Planning Services has had! This family is nothing but fun, energetic, and down to earth people. Even with 12 children, Stephanie & Jared Pratt always have energy and not to mention the fact that they look so young themselves!

Living in a small town (Saint Cloud) the Justesens and the Pratts all grew up around each other, even before Alora and Gant came into this world. {Fun fact... Dr. Pratt, Gants grandpa, actually delivered Alora; talk about meant to be!!} Alora & Gant have been friends for many years but started dating just a few years ago and they knew from the beginning that they were the ones for each other.

There is just something about young love that just really brings out joy in the air and thats exactly how the night went. Alora had this vision of a simple, unique wedding that was full of family and friends and lots of laughter and dancing.

Alora and Gant have now started off their new life together by moving to Utah. This is where Gant's family lives and Alora will be attending school at BYU. They have their first house together and they are living the perfect American dream!

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